How to choose Best Mattress for Sex

Many mattresses are indeed good. They are made of high-quality materials and expertly designed, resulting in a great support and comfort. However, when these mattresses are used in “intimate moments”, they seems to be as good as normal uses, so what makes the best mattress for sex?

Actually, when we analyze a mattress that is used for sexual activities, several factors become unnecessary. Meanwhile, several other factors become a must. The article on best mattress for the adult will dig deeper into this.

However, if you don’t care much on this discussion, but just are on the way to look for several recommendations of best mattresses for sex, skip this and scroll down to where has the list of best mattresses for the sex 2019.

What mattress is best in the bedroom for sex?

Best Mattresses for Sex 2017

Best Mattress for Sex 2019: Rating Criteria

Responsiveness – this means how fast the mattress adjusts to your body as your make movements. This is important because couples do not want to be sunk very far down into the mattress, which they often experience when having sex on a mattress that has slow responsiveness.

Bounce – a mattress that has great bounce will help “intimate moments” more enjoyable, and couples and mattress will get into rhythms together.

Noise – when couples are in intimate moments, they do not want anything to disrupt them. The noise of a squeaky and creaky bed would be annoying things.

Durability – thought this seems to be a most required feature of all products, it is more important when choosing a best mattress for sex. That’s because these amorous activities tend to damage mattress quicker than normal uses.

Edge support – if strong edge support is just required for those who has a habit to sleep closely to the edge of the mattress, when taking sexual activities to our analysis, it becomes a must. That’s because many sex positions are preferably done on the edge of the mattress.

Comfort – the more comfortable you feel, the longer time you want to be on your mattress. Hence, a great mattress can’t lack this feature.

Top Recommendations:

Best Mattress For Sex 2017

There may be plenty of good quality mattresses out there, but if we focus on how well they perform during sexual activity time. The needed criteria for best mattress are limited. These are top recommendations that meet the must-have criteria of best mattress for sex.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa mattress is the quality mattress that can be suitable for the majority of sleepers including for couples. That’s because the mattress is well-made and firm. In addition, both the responsiveness and bounce are excellent.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn uses two layers of 2-inch TitanFlex foam for the top of the mattress. This is a great responsive foam. In addition, in terms of bounce, the foam can bounce back quickly. Especially, the edge support of Brooklyn bedding mattress is better than average level, as compared to others. This doesn’t limit your sex positions.

Alexander Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is constructed from a high-end zoned coil system and topped with layers of memory foam. With this design, Alexander hybrid mattress can provide excellent bounce and edge support. In addition, the mattress is covered with a thick quilted fabric. This adds an extra comfort for couples.

Purple Mattress

The purple mattress is really aesthetic and modern. This nice look helps mattress more luxury to place in any room.  Along with impressive bounce that comes from the hyperelastic polymer. The gel-infused foam comes as an emphasis, which helps the mattress to be cooler and more comfortable to be there as long as couples want.

Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattress is a model that actually stands out in the traditional innerspring. The system of coil-on-coil makes it greater bounce. In addition, Saatva has the euro-style pillow top, which adds the softness and comfort to the mattress.

Loom & Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf mattress is very popular in the mattress market. That’s because the mattress is packed with many great features, one of the outstanding features is gel-infused foam, which helps maximize the cooling feel for sleepers. However, as analysis for amorous activities, loom & Leaf mattress also perform well in terms of bounce and responsiveness.

Helix Mattress

Becoming as the only brand that can offer online customizable mattresses, Helix is actually the best option for all types of sleepers and couples. Just tell Helix to know your needs, desires and any personal information related to the right mattress, Helix will create a mattress of your own one.

Best Mattresses for Adult Compared

Mattresses are judged on the above 6 criteria.

Great – this is the best rating. If a mattress gets great for most of the features, it is the best choice.

Good – much better than average.

Okay – it means the mattress is not enough to be rated as good, but not too bad. Overall, it is acceptable


Choosing the best mattress for 2019 may take your time for digging deep into every mattress review. However, it is worth your time if you can end up a satisfaction. In addition, it is good to know about customer services like the trial period or refund of each brand you want to purchase the mattress. Hence, you can return the mattress in case you don’t feel content with the experience.

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