Top 10 Bedroom Ideas for Boys and Girls

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Top 5 Bedroom Ideas for Girls

A girl’s bedroom should be as colorful and eccentric as her personality. A girl of any age would love turning her bedroom as the reflection of her own little persona, be it playful or calm.

top 5 bedroom ideas for girls

  1. You can opt for a vintage bed for your daughter. Try to compliment the floor carpet with the wall. You can paint the wall or you can put colorful wallpaper on the wallpaper. E.g., if you choose orange-white checkered wallpaper for the wall, try to compliment it by putting an off-white carpet on the floor. Do not clutter the room with much furniture; just a table, two bedside lamps, a chair and a cabinet to show the show-pieces. Be cautious about the mattress. The pocket sprung coil mattress is the best for your kid as it contours the body.
  2. You can use the same fabric in the wallpaper, bed, and curtains. Your daughter would love a canopy over the bed. Try to make the canopy using the same fabric as the other. Install two bedside lamps in two dressers on the two dressers beside the bed. Put a chair beside the window and match the chair cover with the base color of the fabric you used the most. While choosing the mattress, buy a bigger one so that your daughter can move around the bed freely. Opt for a queen size pocket sprung coil mattress.
  3. You can also paint the bedroom white or choose any subtle color as baby pink. In that case, chose your daughter’s favorite bubblegum pink or red bed canopy and curtains for the room. You can choose a stripped white-pink floor carpet. Put a pink cushioned chair beside her bed. You can put a big queen size latex or memory foam mattress on the bed for her uninterrupted sleep. A white linen bed sheet would look great on this theme.
  4. Paint the wall blue and attach an interlocking ribbon with which you can display your travel photos, memorabilia, and postcards. Save space by converting the extra closet into a study table, where you can put clothes and books. Choose a sky-blue toned linen bed sheet for the bed with a deep blue canopy. For the curtain, choose the same color as the canopy so that it can give the room a vintage look. Take your teenager out to buy a mattress for her she only can understand which mattress would be good for her. Try to have a pocket coiled mattress.
  5. You can color your old bed into some vibrant coloring if the room is painted in a subtle color. If the room is small and you do not have enough space to add a bookshelf, convert a ladder into a bookshelf which looks different, yet fancy. Color it with the same color you used to paint the bed. And use the same vibrant color as the bed. As for the mattress, you can opt for latex and memory foam queen sized mattress which comfortably contours the body for a pain-free sleep.

These are some of the ideas that how to decorate a girls bedroom. Try to choose the theme of the bedroom according to her personality. She must get happy returning to her own castle after a long tiring day.

Top 5 Bedroom Ideas for Boys.

top 5 bedroom ideas for boys

Boys love to stick to the basic. They love to keep the theme of their bedroom basic, simple and minimalistic. A boy also needs a spacey bedroom. Try to make the bedroom airy, spacey and bright.

  1. The room of your boy should be bright, airy and happy. You can opt for a white wall which can easily be touched up when your boy is older. You can opt for some bold illustration to the wall and attach some handmade wall hanging to one. You can install a midcentury cabinet to display many vintage toys. While choosing the mattress, always look for the quality of the material the mattress is made off. Try to pick a mattress with organic cotton material rather than an innerspring mattress.
  2. Generally, parents choose the color blue for the bedroom of their boy, but you can contrast the color blue with white. You can paint the wall white and put a large blue-yellow checkered rug on the floor. Color the wall with washable paint so that your boy can show off his artistic side by painting something he likes. This will reflect his personality. You can hang a world map on one wall and tell your son to add murals on the other walls. Give your boy a queen size mattress which will provide the correct support to the spine like the box spring supported the mattress.
  3. While you have two or more boys at home and a rather small space in their room, try installing bunk beds. Bunk beds look fun and each of your boys would have their own space. Try installing platform beds supported by strong ropes, to the different walls at different levels. Choose an earthy color palette like grey for the room if there is natural wooden finish for the bunker platform beds. While decorating your boys’ room try to limit the color palette and furniture to avoid the mess. When you buy the mattresses for the bunk bed, spending some extra money would be good as your kid needs a good mattress to sleep on.
  4. For your teenage boy, you need to pick up a theme which is strong but does not overpower your boy’s personality. You can choose a daybed with drawer storage for the clothes which would save place. The bed can also be turned into a double bed. They need space so don’t clutter the room with furniture. For his bed give him a big king size mattress. You can use a memory foam mattress or a pocket coil mattress for the material.
  5. You have to decorate your room in a practical way to avoid the mess, yet your room has to look fun. Paint a wall in some washable dark color which can innovatively be used as a background to display your travel photos and the memorabilia. Try to color the other walls in contrast. Find a California-king sized mattress which can contour the body better, like the innerspring pocket coil mattress.

A boy of any age likes being in his own skin. The bedroom should reflect that. If the boy is creative, try to incorporate his creativity into his bedroom. If the boy is practical, make this space as practical as he is.

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